January 26, 2021

JCW adds £75,000 short wheel-based tipper to its fleet

The new delivery truck is enabling screed specialists JCW to find new levels of efficiency.

Screeding presents many challenges. For Bolton-based JCW, currently celebrating 25 years of success, one of the biggest is ensuring its teams have the right quantities of materials in the right place at the right time.

Ready-mix at the ready

“As our materials have a specific working time, it is imperative that gangs working nationwide receive ready-mixed materials every day, generally between 6.30am and 9am,” explains JCW Group Managing Director, John Wilkins. “Our new investment has helped improve the punctuality of these first loads across the North-West and Yorkshire.”

Pressure on programmes and working timescales mean more than one load may be required in a day. These further loads are known as ‘make-ups’ and they ensure JCW’s screed teams are able to complete works on time.

Historically, issues have arisen with the availability of trucks for second loads due to hauliers’ other commitments. A truck can’t deliver a make-up load when it’s already carrying something else. The investment in the new tipper truck has effectively combatted this issue, leading to a punctual service unrivalled in the North.

Logistical and quality control

John White, Contracts Director, explains the strategy behind the recent investment decision:”The new truck enables us to be far more efficient in the way we deliver screed to our gangs. It has dramatically improved our ability to get screed to sites as our gangs need it. This enables us to respond at short notice and stay in control of our delivery times through accurate vehicle tracking information. The smaller nature of the truck also allows us to access logistically challenging sites such as schools and hospitals. Additionally, it is easier for us to control quality, ensuring screed is weather protected by sheeting on its journey to site.”

The added flexibility the truck affords isn’t only being appreciated by JCW’s teams. The company’s clients are benefitting from a service that’s more efficient than ever, as John White notes: “We always want to serve our customers to the best of our ability and I feel that the truck delivers another boost to our reputation.”

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