June 20, 2019

Is this new Innovative Finance ISA the best way to invest in property regeneration?

Safe As Houses ISA Ltd has launched its new ISA product, The Safe As Houses ISA, which is an example of the new generation of Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISA).

The Safe As Houses ISA pays a fixed and tax-free return of six per cent a year for five years and is 100 per cent asset backed with no platform or investment fees. It has a fixed five-year term, required minimum investment is GBP 5,000 with transfers being permitted from other ISAs.

Commenting on the launch David Burrows FCA, spokesperson for Safe As Houses ISA Ltd, said: “The launch of The Safe As Houses ISA is another step forward for investors looking for more flexibility and innovation in the way they invest. The property market’s strong past performance is not necessarily a reliable indicator of how it will perform in the future, but it remains amongst the best performing major asset classes over recent decades.“The executives at The Safe As Houses Group have considerable combined experience in the property sector. The company has tried to put simple protections in place, like the re-investment of 80 per cent of profits. We do this voluntarily as part of our lending criteria, so we do not need to employ teams of staff to implement a complex regulatory regime. Our business model is based on the belief that keeping things well-managed, low-cost and simple will result in savings and healthy returns for everyone involved. Many investors should be thinking about diversifying their investment portfolio to gain exposure to property regeneration and the Safe as Houses ISA is an innovative way to do this,” concluded Mr Burrows.

The Safe As Houses ISA four key USPs are:

1 Returns for The Safe As Houses ISA are generated from the profits made on the purchase, refurbishment and selling of specific classes of carefully vetted property. This allows headroom for payment of the annual coupons.

2 Safe As Houses Group companies are required to reinvest 80 per cent of their profits to keep the company strong, agile and able to respond to any developments in the property sector. The note issuer will not lend more to any Safe As Houses Group company than the value of the property it wishes to acquire.

3 To ensure commitment, continuity and quality of work, Safe As Houses’ lending criteria require any associated contractors to work exclusively and on a fixed price basis for the duration of the project. This is designed to help prevent funds being used to subsidise losses incurred on projects elsewhere. Property developments must be ready for sale ideally within 3 months—but no more than 12 months from commencement of each loan: a protocol that’s designed to reduce the impact of fluctuations in property prices and to protect and extract maximum value from capital.

4 All properties are surveyed and valued by RICS-qualified surveyors. Our lending criteria require properties to be purchased at a discount to the surveyor’s valuation. This helps strengthen net worth and ability to repay loans. Property is purchased for cash, which reduces the possibility of any financial institution calling in loans, helps prevent over-extension of resources and provides greater control over the development programme.