December 14, 2018

Glan Agua – Continuous success

Having commenced trading at the height of the recession in Ireland in 2008, Glan Agua Ltd was able to survive a baptism of fire and has thrived in the years since, picking up a nomination for a Water Achievement Industry Award 2016 for the most innovative use of existing technology for its ground-breaking Cavan WWTP Upgrade Project in the process.

Glan Agua is a private limited company providing project solutions for the water and wastewater industry, specialising in providing design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance services within the water and wastewater sector.

Glan Agua has undertaken projects with a large number of Local Authorities and also Private Clients in the Food and Pharmaceutical Sectors.  Glan Agua Ltd continually strive to improve its skill set and investigate new technologies to efficiently manage Irish water resources and the environment on behalf of its clients.

“A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the project and we really pulled out all the stops in terms of the design and the delivery. It’s always good to get the recognition for hard work.”

Paul Gardner, Chartered Engineer

Glan Agua Ltd is part of the Mota-Engil Engineering Division that is Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção, Portugal’s leading construction and engineering service providers with a turnover of €2.314bn and a workforce of over 28,000 employees in 2013. Glan Agua Ltd receives significant support from our parent company in terms of financial guarantee and assurance, and also from our numerous sister companies throughout the group in terms of technical experience and knowledge. On this basis, Glan Agua Ltd provides an entity with the financial stability of the largest water and wastewater engineering company in Portugal and the technical expertise from projects completed throughout Europe, Africa and South America. This in turn provides its client with significant comfort in relation to the stability of its company and the guaranteed standard of quality throughout project completion.

The Glan Agua Ltd Principles:

  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – Using BAT and Fit for Purpose principles we offer value for money, CAPEX engineering, with prime focus on a commercially efficient Operation and Maintenance philosophy.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY FOCUS – The welfare and safety of our employees, our Clients employees and the general public is our prime consideration during the various phases of a contract starting from the design process to facility commissioning and long-term maintenance.
  • SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUS – Sustainable development and protection of the environment is an integral part of Glan Agua Ltd.’s focus and culture.
  • SIMPLICITY & EASE OF OPERATION – Treatment plants operate most efficiently when they are easy to understand and operate. Ease of operation is an important consideration in the design of civil, mechanical, electrical and automated control systems. Extensive training plans are provided prior to hand – over and day-to-day assistance as necessary.
  • HIGH QUALITY & PERFORMANCE – Glan Agua Ltd are fully committed to delivering a high standard of products and services, and at all times strives to achieve our policy requirements based on continuous improvement and development.20160315_140703


These principles played a major factor in the Water Achievement Industry Award nomination. “Obviously it meant a great deal to be shortlisted for the Cavan WWTP Upgrade Project,” explains Paul Gardner, Chartered Engineer. “A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the project and we really pulled out all the stops in terms of the design and the delivery. It’s always good to get the recognition for hard work. Regardless of the fact that we didn’t win, being nominated shows that we’re on the right track and doing the right things. In terms of the project itself we do see it as a landmark project for Glan Agua. In all of our projects to date there’s always been something innovative and this one was no exception.

“We’re now looking to make the most of the success of the project to build our reputation further. There’s lots of opportunities out there at the moment, particularly in the UK, and we’re very keen to capitalise on them.”