January 20, 2021

Fashionable old interiors

Nowadays lofts are one of the most desirable housing solutions and the industrial style has been dominating showrooms for many seasons. The open spaces and huge windows, as well as simplicity reminiscent of functional minimalism, arouse admiration. Post-industrial interiors have a unique atmosphere – feel the passage of years and the rich history of them.

Modern design is invariably associated with minimalism and simplicity. This means the smallest possible number of fittings, accessories and attention to every detail, from the right selection of the floor to the walls and ceiling. All this to get the atmosphere straight from an old factory or a former production hall.

An inseparable element of the industrial style are metal accessories and even entire constructions. Welded structures with glazing provide a raw style and give the impression of open space.

An article in cooperation with Grupa Miro – a loft manufacturer

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