February 20, 2020

Eurocell launches the new Modus co-extruded reversible window system

Eurocell Plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of PVC-U windows and doors, has launched Modus Reversible, the first co-extruded reversible system in the UK, providing fabricators with a superior product to offer to their customer base of installers and specifiers.

Targeting mainly new build and commercial projects, Eurocell’s Modus Reversible window has a new and improved, robust reversible hinge, which is supplied by Yale. It is centrally pivoted, saving time and effort during fabrication on calculating the position of the hinge, as it always sits central of the profile.

Modus Reversible windows are one of the most thermally efficient in the UK. The windows have a completely flush sash both internally and externally and deliver an enhanced aesthetic with no overswing meaning the sash never extends outside the line of the window frame. The product is easily accessible and fully reversible to aid glass cleaning and it’s easy to open whilst being able to be restricted at 100mm, making it safe for users of the building. The windows themselves have been fully tested and accredited to PAS24:2016 making them Document Q and SBD compliant. The system has also undergone testing to BS6375 Pt.1 & 2 2009 weathertightness, operation and strength characteristics which includes cyclic testing to 10,000 cycles.

The system is able to achieve U-values as low as 0.7 when triple glazed using 44mm glazed units.

The reversible system is available in all Modus standard colours as well as a wide range of MTO colours, meaning it can easily be incorporated into a property that already benefits from the original Modus range.

Commenting on the new products, Ian Kernaghan Product Manager at Eurocell, said: “The Modus Reversible is undoubtedly market leading, it is a clear choice for new build and commercial projects and we look forward to seeing it out in the market. It is easier to fabricate than other systems and boasts a hinge that is highly regarded and widely used for projects in Europe. It is the perfect progression for our product.”

For more information on Eurocell and its product range, www.eurocell.co.uk.