July 10, 2020

Construction needs a different mind-set to meet skills challenge identified by Infrastructure UK – KPMG

Following yesterday’s (29 September 2015) launch of the National Infrastructure Plan for Skills report, Richard Threlfall, Head of Infrastructure at KPMG UK, comments on the announcement.

“I very much welcome Infrastructure UK’s initiative in developing the National Infrastructure Plan for Skills,” says Mr Threlfall. “It forces the construction industry to look beyond the current skills crisis to the long-term need to invest in its people, get serious about apprenticeships, and to re-train and diversify its workforce.

“This is a report the industry cannot ignore. It shows an overall need for 100,000 additional construction workers and engineers, and at least 250,000 of the existing workforce that need re-training. The recent UK Industry Performance Report revealed that construction employees on average are receiving only 1.2 days of training in a year. We need an entirely different mind-set in the industry if we are to meet the challenge which Infrastructure UK has identified.”

The National Infrastructure Plan for Skills report aims to set out the results of detailed skills analysis and modelling of the National Infrastructure Pipeline and describes the key challenges faced by sectors and regions. Investment in infrastructure is a vital element of improving the UK’s productivity. With infrastructure output in the UK predicted to continue to grow, government and industry need to work together to ensure the right people with the right skills are available to deliver the ambitious pipeline of planned public and private investment to 2020 and beyond.