April 19, 2019

Combining expertise to improve safety

Now trading ‘As One’, 3M and Scott Safety’s combined expertise and extensive product knowledge has enabled their safety experts to offer customers an enhanced solution for operating in confined spaces, ensuring individuals are completely protected and achieve a higher standard of safety.

With Scott Safety and 3M joining forces, the premier manufacturers of innovative protective equipment can now offer a complete safety solution. As part of that solution is an increased personal protective equipment offering including fall protection, head and eye protection, portable gas detection and escape and breathing apparatus.  The increase in specialist equipment and combined industry experience, will help reduce the risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries in confined spaces. 

Hazardous environments such as confined spaces can be life-threatening and a high number of workers are killed or seriously injured each year in the UK.[1] These environments are defined as being substantially enclosed and high-risk due to the presence of hazardous substances and conditions, such as a lack of oxygen and possible exposure to toxic gases.   

Ensuring workers operating in confined spaces are protected from hazards, they should be equipped with the most appropriate safety equipment and understand the risks associated with exposure to toxic gases that could lead to debilitating respiratory diseases, now and even years after working.

The collaboration of 3M Scott Safety, now means it’s a one stop shop for all protective equipment including respiratory, positioning the company as a major organisation in the health and safety industry.

For more information about complete solutions now available, please visit www.3m.com/scottsafety.

[1] http://www.hse.gov.uk/confinedspace/