January 20, 2021

Brompton Cross Construction – shortlisted for top award

Building further on the reputation that Brompton Cross Construction has developed since its creation 12 years ago, the Chelsea-based company was recently put forward for a prestigious London Construction and Design Award within the Interior Design of the Year category, just missing out in the process.

Brompton Cross Construction was established in 2006 as a small company carrying out maintenance and light refurbishment work for flats and houses around the Chelsea area, preferring to focus on Central London due to the challenges of developing affordable, high-end projects in the rich and diverse city of London. Thanks to consistently high-quality finishes, gaining trust and word of mouth recommendations from clients, the company has managed to grow substantially and now has a large team of talented professionals that is still growing.

Offering a full range of construction services from the conception stage all the way through to completion, including all planning and building control applications in-between, Brompton Cross Construction has over 100 employees. This allows it to operate across London on various projects with its area of focus tending to be split into three distinct areas: maintenance and management, property development and construction. It is also able to tackle the restoration and repair of listed and heritage buildings, while it also prides itself on its ability to excavate basement spaces within the confined streets of London.

Brompton Cross Construction was particularly proud to be named main contractor for what has become its flagship project: a beautiful renovation of a substantial heritage building located on one of the finest streets in Mayfair. This project involved the conversion of apartments into a single family dwelling. Set over eight floors with a total internal floor area of 9,480 sq ft, some of the stand-out features of the development included the sub-basement spa and gym area, hydraulic glass lift wrapped in the grand spiral staircase, and a generally high level of detail.

One other significant development Brompton Cross Construction is quite rightly proud of is the development of a beautiful fifth floor apartment at Rue de Rivoli in the heart of Paris located within a six-storey Haussmannien style building. The penthouse underwent a complete renovation and full refurbishment including comprehensive layout reconfiguration. Full design of every interior architectural detail and finish and full turn-key furnishing and styling with bespoke joinery was used throughout.

Another notable development by Brompton Cross Construction was a mixed-use project incorporating commercial and residential in the same build. Located in the heart of Victoria, London, 230 Vauxhall Bridge Road comprised the design, construction and fitting out of 15 apartments, basement and ground floor commercial space and a penthouse suite with over 3,070 sq ft gross internal area. Works on this conversion from commercial to residential also include an extension to the penthouse, installation of a new lift and a concierge area.

Thanks to its reputation, Brompton Cross Construction has a mixed customer base ranging from wealthy investors looking to expand their property portfolios through to the average family home owner who are in need of a new bathroom extension. The company can provide a wide range of services for all.

Despite its reputation and the London Construction and Design Award nomination, Mostafa Al-Hadla, Business Planning & Excellence Manager, is mindful of the challenges ahead: “With inflation currently staying steady, no rise in interest rates, and an uncertainty over the future thanks to Brexit, I see the market on a correctional downward trend for a while longer before picking back up. The overall UK property market has been in a downward trend since 2014 after years of over inflation since the 1980s.

“Like many other industries, we see that the EU divorce and associated political events as obviously having a profound impact on the property market, taking into consideration the high level of uncertainty in the proceedings and the final deal. This resulted in reducing the quantity of new housing starts and a drop in the residential prices, especially in prime central London locations.

“However, we can see an upside in the market as we have a wide clientele base from the Middle East who maintain their interest to invest in the UK residential market and capitalise on the financial discounts in the current situation.”

Brompton Cross Construction has clearly identified its competitive advantages on the operational and strategic levels though three perspectives:

First, people: Through hiring and developing high calibre staff that are fully capable of delivering the project and client requirements, the heart of its culture is to maintain a very intimate and personalised relationship with all clients. In addition, it aims to deliver whatever is humanly possible to ensure an outstanding customer experience on every aspect.

Second, processes: When it comes to a very complex industry such as construction, the internal business processes become an extremely vital success factor in a competitive landscape. BCC has been developing and improving its management systems for years and recently it has set a roadmap to crown these efforts through international standards certificates. Recently, BCC has been certified with ISO 14001:2015 the Environmental Management System and CHAS the health & safety standard.

The whole operational model and associated processes are built around the project and one of its core values is ‘Project is the Boss’, meaning that all the company’s resources, planning efforts and experience should be thought of as an enabler of the project. This guarantees customer satisfaction and a repeat customer rate much higher than its competitors.

Third, platforms: Brompton Cross Construction is competing within a fast-paced and dynamic work environment, thus it intensively invests in IT platforms and solutions that allow its people to efficiently and effectively implement the established processes. It also makes sure that its clients are totally engaged in the project as part of its ‘Transparency’ core value. IT solutions are fundamental enablers for such engagement and collaboration. BCC know that their clients trust it and highly appreciate this value, which in turn gives it a distinctive competitive advantage.

There have always been challenges facing a rapidly growing company’s like Brompton Cross Construction, as Mr. Al-Hadla highlights: “I can see the intense competitive environment in a sector that highly depends on the word of mouth as our sector is a key challenge to be addressed through providing a next-level service and product to our customers to maintain them and to breakthrough the market and acquire new customers.

“Another challenge would be to fast-track mobilisation of the internal systems in the company to keep up with our steadily growth and the aimed vision of the company. High investment in technology is helping us hugely to address this challenge.

“We have already set our strategy map based on four perspectives, that are driving each other, namely; Learning, Internal Business Processes, Clients, and Growth. This has been accompanied by detailed road maps and action plans for each perspective.

“Moving forward, we are looking in the short term to increase presence and reputation within London by delivering more state-of-art projects, while obtaining a higher level of international accreditation by applying and tailoring best practices. In the long term, we are looking to expand further afield into the UK, Europe and the Middle Eastern Market.”

Given that it came so close to winning a London Construction and Design Award, it is clear that Brompton Cross Construction’s reputation continues to grow with each successfully completed project.