June 5, 2020

Alsico empowers engineering industry with Gryzko Workwear Range

Alsico are leading workwear suppliers in Europe, manufacturing and providing over 18m garments to various industries every year.

With years of industry experience and specialist knowledge on their side, Alsico have branched out to manufacture and supply their own range of protective workwear. Spotting a gap in the market, Gryzko was founded due to the demand for a range that provided comfort in all seasons, protection in most hazardous environments, variety for both men and women, and an expert finish to enhance professionalism.

Gryzko is considered a premium range for the engineering industry, living up to their ‘Workwear? We’ve got you covered’ motto. The range includes lightweight cargo trousers, casual quality t-shirts, and overalls to guarantee maximum comfort throughout the warmer months. Plus, a winter range is also available, lined and crafted from heavy duty fabric to ensure employees are comfortable as well as being protected at work.

All of our Gryzko garments can be paired with other ranges in order for you to receive the perfect workwear uniform for your company. Flexibility when ordering your work uniforms from Alsico is key in making certain that your workwear will give employees peace of mind that they have the tools needed to perform at their true potential.

Alsico have their own embroidered workwear service where companies can request for their logo and individual wearer’s details to be included on their ordered garments. Enhancing your look of professionalism and furthering brand identity and consistency throughout the entire business. 

For a versatile and high performing work uniform for your engineers, browse the Gryzko workwear today and enhance employee productivity today.