January 20, 2021

Aarsleff Group launches new website showcasing ground engineering capabilities

The Ground Engineering segment of the Aarsleff Group have launched a new website that showcases the ground engineering capabilities within the group, known by the company as ‘The Aarsleff Technology Matrix.’

Made up of five subsidiaries across Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany and the UK, and bringing together a combined total of 240 years of experience, the ground engineering segment of the Aarsleff group has developed the website as a platform to educate users on the wide variety of ground engineering techniques the company offers.

The comprehensive knowledge-based website showcases Aarsleff’s impressive technical portfolio of capabilities and experience, with information on a variety of techniques ranging from different pile types and retaining structures to geotechnical investigations and groundwater lowering systems. It is hoped that the platform will become a key website for their clients to refer back to.

Jessica Banham, Marketing and Communications Manager, said: “We wanted to create a platform that would show off our Group’s capabilities in a user-friendly way, as well as being informative and educational for all its users.

“We spent over a year developing the site, which is packed full of information about the variety of ground engineering techniques the Group offers, utilising photographs, videos, case studies and animations to both support and illustrate each technique.”

One Company

The technology matrix website also reflects the Aarsleff Group’s ‘One Company’ approach, which is the name given for when different Aarsleff divisions and subsidiaries collaborate on a project to provide a high quality and bespoke ground engineering solution. With the ’One Company’ ethos, the ground engineering subsidiaries can share expertise, equipment and resource to provide a solution for their clients supported by a multitude of specialist knowledge and combined project experience across Northern Europe.

For example, a ‘one company’ project between Aarsleff in Denmark and Aarsleff in Sweden has seen its foundation work on the Karlatornet skyscraper in Gothenburg shortlisted for ‘International Project of the Year’ at the Construction News and Ground Engineering Awards 2019. In the city of Gothenburg, the new structure will become the tallest building in the Nordic region, towering 245 metres high. The Aarsleff team provided 57 2,000mm bored piles, over 11,000m3 of concrete and 800 tons of reinforcement for the building’s foundation construction works.

The Aarsleff Technology Matrix is a stand-alone website that can be accessed here www.aarsleff-technology.com or via the website of each ground engineering subsidiary

To learn more about ground engineering techniques, such as piling, retaining structures and ground improvement techniques please visit www.aarsleff-technology.com.