February 26, 2020

10 Steps To Securing A PCC

The mortgage lending market is growing every year. The value of residential mortgages given out by lenders continues to increase and, as it does, the services of Professional Consultants Certificate providers becomes vital.

Why is a PCC Important?

PCC’s are important in situations where you have built or converted a new property and:

            1          You wish to sell and your purchaser needs a mortgage

            2          You wish to rent and raise a Buy-to-Let mortgage

Secure Your PCC

Getting a PCC issued is easier than you think, saving time and resources for all parties involved.

  1. Choose Your Dwelling

Select one or multiple properties. Remember you could get a discount if you’re requesting a certificate for various properties.

  • Fill Out Your Property Details

Property type? Build stage? Fill in your details in an easy-complete form.

  • Get Your Quote

Success! Your quote will be generated immediately.

  • Pay Deposit

Secure your certificate by paying a deposit.

  • Enter Dashboard

Get access to your online area. This is where you can manage your documents and review progress in real-time.

  • Upload Files

Submit your professional documents. Planning consent, project drawings and building regulations completion certificates are just some of the paperwork you may need.

  • Book Inspection

Request an inspection from a chartered consultant. You should be contacted by a surveyor within 24-hours to schedule the visit.

  • Inspection Carried Out

Sit back and let the chartered consultants do their work!

  • Get Your Certificate

Once the inspection’s been completed your certificate will be available, usually within 24 hours. You can even download on the go!

  1. Present To The Mortgage Lender

Use your certificate to secure the mortgage or give to another party to complete their process!

Find out more at www.professionalconsultantscertificate.com.